Ricardo Alonso was born in Mexico City. He received classical piano lessons since an early age, for 8 years. He discovered Rock and Roll at the time, and formed in high school some rock bands. What really influenced him to take music seriously was when he discovered the sounds of a synthesizer and the blend of classical music with rock, which encouraged him to compose music. He went to Berklee College of Music in Boston Ma., to study preferently composition. After that period he came back to Mexico and perform keyboards for pop artists shows and began composing pop songs for other artists and contests, sometimes winning awards. Also began composing jingles and songs for TV and radio shows, produced a complete CD for a teenage pop music group with songs of his own. Until this day, he has released 5 albums of original music in the vein of instrumental progressive-new age style, with stints of world, latin, electronic music. Been in Broadjam since sept 03, has positioned 47 songs in Topten (unique, soundtrack, progrock, latinamerica,jazz, new age, Mexico, production, age, sex) and has been promoted on the broadjam newsletter as an exponent of neoclassical music. In june 06 he won the Broadjam's World/Latin Contest with the song KaniKani Wairua. semifinalist in UK Songwriting Competition 2 times, semifinalist of International Muaic Awards.
I define my music as instrumental progressive rock. You'll find some new age, electronic, latin, world, hard rock and industrial stints in some songs, since I like to experiment with sounds and polyrhythms.
Chopin, Beethoven, Bach, Tchaikovsky,
Jurgen Fritz (Triumvirat), Rick Wakeman, Peter Banks.
A lot of hard rock groups from the 80's and 90's. latin and african polyrhythms.
Recently, Arena, Threshold.
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